The Birds & The Bees: Vintage Art Quilts: Coming this June in the new magazine Art Quilting Studio

I have recently been quilting again, something that I rarely have time for. However I made time for a submission of a trio of art quilts that will be in the premiere issue of Art Quilting Studio which is a Stampington/Somerset publication. The issue will be out in June and my article explains the techniques for the three pieces being published. The quilts are in my favorite vintage style and the theme is "The Birds & The Bees". Make sure to see the magazine to get all the pictures and information on how to make them. Hopefully I will get some time to get some art quilts on Etsy in the very near future.


The Fiddle Crew Enjoying The Warm Spring Days

The Cat & Fiddle Crew has been anxious to get outside and enjoy the sunshine in the few warm days that we have actually had this spring. Tibby the grey cat discovered the Catmint plant popping up under the fall leaves and enjoyed rolling in it and getting covered in dirt and leaves.

Sygi the Doberman Dog has been getting into trouble swimming in the river, chasing squirrels and discovering skunks. His next door friend Bailey the Beagle has been over visiting again now that all the snow is gone.

Pompei the Siamese has just been enjoying the sunshine in the porch...