My Latest Halloween Creations

Under a large oak tree being silhouetted by the light, I envision big black spiders dropping from their webs to an evening soiree below. As they gather in the leaves, I see shiny spider web tents filled with lanterns and tiny spider cupcakes. There is laughing and 8 legged dancing as the guests drop from above wearing parachute webs and polka dot party hats....

This formed into the creation of my newest character, Fortunata P. Webb

I also have created new Puppet Boxes that will be available on my Etsy very soon. Jax O. Lottapants will be appearing in the Olde Time Puppet Review. My new skeleton character will be making his debut as the Great Skelltini's Magic & Mayhem show. I will also have many more of my characters appearing in the Puppet Boxes this Halloween Season.

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